• barrett & christiana. married. kansas city.

    Barrett & Christiana's story was formed as a journey across the earth bringing them all the way back to the midwest for their wedding. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to document their wedding day when Aaron Phelps referred them to me. Aaron is a phenomenal photographer and would have been a shoe-in to be their photographer, but Aaron and Barrett hav ebeen friends for years so Aaron opted to take the honor of being a groomsmen instead. 

    That didn't stop Aaron from shooting of course. Some of these images were taken by him.

    On a day that was supposed to be an ice storm, these two shared a beautiful experience with their friend and family and this is a glimpse into what it was.

  • jade & jenny. married.

    I have shot a lot of weddings. For friends, family, and people I've never met before. But there's someting special about shooting a wedding for people you know well and have a connection to. Jenny is my wife Megan's cousin and Megan's family regularly is visiting with Jenny and her family and getting together when they are in KC. So when Jenny and Jade got engaged and Jenny reached out to talk to me about wedding photography I was excited at the opportunity to document their wedding. We made the drive down to Lamar, MO and I witnessed and documented these two as they got married only a few minutes away from their farm. It was only fitting that we would take a quick ride down to where their beans were growing and take some photos before heading to their reception. I love when weddings have personal touches like this to them.

    Here is the day that Jade married Jenny.

  • eric & jessica. married.

    Eric & Jessica came all the way from Chicago to Kansas City so they could get married and celebrate with their closest family & friends (and of course their loyal pup Chief). There's nothing better than documenting a wedding that is comprised of a group of people that truly care for and love each other. Eric & Jessica's friends and family are those kind of people. They have shared so much together along the journey of Eric & Jessica's relationship and were thrilled to stand alongside them when they became husband & wife.

    Here's the story of the day that Eric married Jessica.

  • jade & jenny in the farmlands

    Jenny is my wife Megan's cousin and when she first asked me about documenting the day she marries Jade I was ecstatic. Jade & Jenny both live out in the country and have been renovating the house they will be living on that sits on the farm covered in beans and only a few minutes away is the where their cows are. This weekend they will get married with their family and friends around them and I can't wait to be there to tell their story.