• ryan & brittany. married.

    Every wedding is full of moments and experiences that are so unique to each couple. There are tender moments, like when Brittany's father became emotional seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. Funny moments, like when the whole bridal party is crammed onto a hay ride after the ceremony. And then there are those moments that feel sacred and all together seperate, like when Ryan & Brittany broke away from the reception to take some portraits in the corn fields. The sun was beginniing to set and the wind was creating this symphony from the leaves, you could hear the laughter of kids playing on the hill beside the barn in the distance and there was something so other-wordly about being in this place with these two people that love each other so deeply. It's in spots like this that I know I have been given a distinct honor to share in moments with people that no one else gets to.

    So I hope that these photos can help bring you into those moments as well.