• spence & sarah. married. montego bay, jamaica.

    Fasten your seatbelts cause this ones going to be a doozie. 

    I could easily drop this wedding on the blog and be like "shot a wedding in Jamaica, no big deal." But let's be honest...real big deal. Here's why.

    To reach a place of trust with people that they would fly you anywhere, let alone out of the country, to document their wedding is astonishing and humbling. But the build of this trust rests completely on my wife Megan. She met Sarah when Sarah visited Kansas City to shop for her wedding gown and began discussing Sarah's wedding plans. Sarah shared that they were having their wedding in Jamaica and then showed Megan the location of their ceremony. It wasn't a beach, it wasn't at the hotel, it was at these incredible aqueduct ruins that overlooked the ocean. 

    Megan, mostly joking, mentioned that she was married to a wedding photographer (that's me) and then proceeded to give her my card. Fast forward like 3 or 4 weeks later and I receive an email from Sarah's mom detailing just how much they enjoyed working with Megan and that they were interested in having us come to Jamaica to document their wedding.

    After working out the logistics, I squeezed in a trip down to Oklahoma the one day of the year that would work for both Spence & Sarah to do some engagement photos and talk about their wedding. You see, Spence had already taken a job and moved to Alaska and was returning to watch Sarah graduate. This was a large part of their motivation for getting married in Jamaica. They wanted to spend a lot of time with their friends and family before they moved to far away Alaska.

    Then the time finally came the week of Thanksgiving for Megan and I to go to Jamaica to shoot their wedding. I cannot say enough just how accommodating, kind, and loving Spence & Sarah and their families and friends were to us. It felt like we were invited to attend the wedding instead of work at it.

    Their rehearsal & wedding day were full of amazing experiences and I am certain you will get a heavy dose of what that was like in this large post. 

    Megan shot this wedding with me and there are many images in this post that are hers as well.