• blair & kaylan. married. kc.

    Let's set aside a few things about Blair & Kaylan's wedding. Set aside all the really cool details throughout the day that Soiree Event Designs put together. Set aside the serious dance party that took place courtesy of ReMix DJs. Set aside the fact that they opted to have a food truck serve their dinner. Set side the awesom sunglasses they gave their guests to wear on the dance floor. Set aside the locations we stumbled upon while we were riding around in the trolley. Set aside the awesome friends & family they had on their day.

    And there is one thing left. A deep & great love between two people. Which was shared most beautifully when Blair took a moment to speak at the reception, speaking about the love he has for Kaylan, bringing Kaylan, their friends, their families, and himself to tears. 

    I hope at the most base level, every wedding has this foundation. Two people who love each other incredibly. This is the day that they vowed to love each other.

    Thanks to Aaron Phelps for shooting with me, some of these images are his.