• eddie & angie. married.

    I am always a fan of things turning out for the better. Like Eddie & Angie's wedding day originally looking like it was going to be dominated by thunderstorms and then the day ended up being gorgeous. Which couldn't have happened to a more deserving couple. Eddie & Angie love each other deeply and are clearly best friends, which if you're married you know is the best decision you can make...marry your best friend.

    Their wedding was also special because as the dance floor filled with friends and family I quickly noticed 4 other couples who allowed me the honor to document their weddings. It's a surreal and incredible experience to see their marriages flourishing and their love growing. 

    My job is not to preserve the best day of their marriage, but the day that they vowed to love each other through thick and thin and hopefully their first day of marriage will be the day they loved each other the least in their marraige...not the most. And I am confident that they are two people who I will see out on the dance floor of a wedding I am shooting years from now and that they too will be more in love than they have since I last saw them.

    I had the help of Aaron Phelps shooting along side me for their wedding. Some of these images are his.