• daniel & victoria. married.

    I have been fortunate enough to shoot weddings for friends, friends-of-friends, classmates, acquaintances and people I've never met or have any direct connection to. But there is something particularly incredible about shooting a wedding like this one.

    My wife Megan and I, are members of Redeemer Fellowship. A church that is just down the street from us. We've been there for almost 5 years. In the past couple of years we have been part of a community group in our neighborhood where we have had the opportunity to share our life with a group of people who live near us and love Jesus. It's been an incredible experience growing with them and experiencing different seasons of life supporting each other and encouraging each other.

    Two of those people are Daniel & Victoria. Daniel & Victoria are the perfect example of opposites attract. Daniel is a pretty quiet, reserved guy and Victoria is the definition of an extravert. It's been incredibly fun to watch their relationship grow and their strengths compliment each other.

    So shooting this wedding was really a distinct joy, because these aren't just people who I know a little bit or have hung out with on occasion. But they are friends that Megan and I have shared life with. Friends who have shared their struggles and their triumphs, and to have seen Jesus continue to redeem and restore them. It gave me a wonderful deeper reality to witness and document on their wedding day than many that I get to photograph.

    Their wedding was an intimate gathering of close friends and family. Full of deep laughter, tears of joy, good food, incredible coffee and a celebration of their love and committment to each other.

    I hope I was able to convey these things in the images below. Thank you to Daniel & Victoria for trusting me with something so important.