• The day Rick married Brenda in an antique store.

    Every time I walk into a wedding and put my eye up to the viewfinder of my camera, I know that my role is incredibly important. My job to help people tell the stories of their wedding day is one that I approach with great respect. So every couple, no matter their personalities, backgrounds, or history, is distincly important to me, because for them, their story is important and will be shared and built on as their lives grow.

    Brenda is my sister-in-law's mom. A kind, sweet, and caring woman who I have had the pleasure of getting to know for over 8 years being a part of my wife Megan's family. So immediately this day holds great signficance to a lot of people I love and care about. But this day is highlighted all the more because Brenda's first husband, Roy, passed away from cancer a few years ago. It's been incredible to see God heal and restore Brenda from the devastation of losing Roy and to bring her to the point where she meets Rick, a man who loves her deeply and desires to to be the man she spends the rest of her life with.

    So this day means a lot. It means a lot for Rick and Brenda and all their immediate family and friends who came to witness their wedding ceremony inside of Bella Patina, the antique store my wife, Megan, and I own. 

    It was an incredible honor to not only photograph their day but to be able to have them share their vows inside our store.

    I hope these images are a small testiment to God's grace in their lives.