• Artur & Erika are married. Kansas City, MO.

    Artur & Erika have a sweet and deep love. For each other, for their families, and most certainly for their dogs, who all played major roles in their wedding day.

    One of my favorite moments of the day was when we were out taking photos. We had stopped by my store, Bella Patina, to take some photos and after finishing a few they asked if we should go anywhere else. I suggested that the only spot that would be really cool, but probably wouldn't make since to do on your wedding day, would be to go on the roof of our building. Which would include climbing a 20 foot ladder. Without hesitation Erika says "Let's do it".

    So in her wedding dress she scales a huge ladder and climbs onto the roof where we take a few portraits with the city lights. 

    I hope every bride would take a note from Erika and forget about making sure their dress doesn't get a little dirt on it and instead choose to live a little on their wedding day.