• JD & Erin are married. Kansas City, MO.

    As a wedding photographer I am really passionate about capturing the mundane little moments that happen on a wedding day. The ones that seem just ordinary, but for that reason are extraoridinary to me. 

    I typically just lay out weddings on the blog in a linear beginning to end fashion. But I wanted to highlight this photo. During JD and Erin's reception, while waiting in line for a drink at the bar, JD leanes down to listen to something Erin wants to tell him. The moment is so small, so faint, and so seemingly unimportant but it is so telling of who they are as couple.

    They are deeply in love and love to be with each other. 

    It's moments like this that you can forsee a small glimpse into what they will be like as husband and wife for the rest of their lives. I hope I can always reflect that reality back to each couple who gives me the honor of photographing their wedding day. 

    Here's the rest of their wedding story.