• Brandon & Brittany. Married. Kansas City, MO.

    I always tell couples as they prepare their wedding day that they don't need to do things the way everyone else does. This is your wedding. You should have it be the way you want it to be. I think Brandon & Brittany hit the mark on that.

    Brandon is an experienced and talented DJ and spends most nights in front of turn tables. Brittany is a manager at Gram & Dun (a restaurant on the Plaza that I highly recommend). 

    So it was made total sense that they would have their reception at Mosaic, the exact kind of atmosphere that Brandon is regularly mixing at. And their reception was catered by the amazing chefs of Gram & Dun.

    It's things like this that made their wedding day personal and special to the people that they are. But outside of those details there was lots of laughter, dancing and fun. I was honored to be there to take photos of Brandon & Brittany as they said 'I do'. I hope these images share their experience.