• Mike & Lauren. Married. Lawrence, KS.

    It wouldn't take much questioning to get my wife to admit that my biggest fault is my forgetfulness. I am terribly forgetful. But occasionally my forgetfulness brings fun surprises (mainly because I forgot the thing that surprises me).

    When I was in high school I attended a church for awhile. In the youth group was a group of girls that were a few years younger than me. One of those girls was Lauren. A few years later I took a photo class at a community college. Mike was in my class. Fast forward like 5 or 6 years and I am shooting their wedding. I, like the forgetful person I am, have no recollection of the previous information. So as we are driving to some locations for portraits Lauren reminds me that we attended church together and Mike reminds me of our photo class. I of course feel like a bafoon, but I think it's so cool how God in his providence would have me documenting this couple's wedding day years after I had already met them.

    Their day was full of fun, laughter, and love. Their friends and family surrounded them with their support and prayers.

    I hope I was able to do their story justice. Here's a small selection of photos from their day.