• Paul & Leah. Married. Kansas City, MO.

    When I was getting ready to shoot Paul & Leah's wedding I knew a few things for sure.

    1. It would be stress free. Paul and Leah are easy going and they are patient and kind with people so you knew everyone would be enjoying themselves no matter what happened.

    2. Their day would be put together wonderfully, scheduled seamlessly, and flow beautifully because they chose to work with the talented ladies at Soiree Event Designs

    3. That Paul & Leah are the real deal. They love each other. Paul is head over heels about Leah (as was evidenced when Leah walked down the aisle) and Leah is smitten with Paul (as was evidenced by the pages she filled with thoughts and feelings for Paul to read before their ceremony).

    What I didn't expect happening.

    1. How quickly one stained glass window can increase the temperature of an altar. (It was HOT!)

    2. The trolley driver who ran into the side of the Intercontinental (seriously).

    3. Paul's ridiculously awesome dance moves.

    But because of the first three things, none of the the other three things mattered (Actually, Paul's dance moves probably amplify Leah's love for him. It's just a hunch). Their wedding day was fun, joyous, and an awesome experience.

    Thanks to Caleb Johansen for shooting with me. Some of these images are his.