• Nick & Rachel. Married. Weston, MO.

    When I woke up the morning of NIck & Rachel's wedding to take my dog outside, I immediately was worried for them. I knew they had an intimate outdoor ceremony planned in Weston, MO with all their close friends and family and it was raining extremely hard. An intense thunderstorm ensued the entire drive to Weston, all the while I am hoping and praying that maybe it will quit long enough that they can still have their ceremony.

    As I pulled up to the exit for Weston, the clouds broke, the sun came out and there was hope that maybe the wedding they planned was going to happen.

    When I saw Rachel at the Benner House Bed & Breakfast, you would have never guessed that it had just stormed on her wedding morning. She was calm, relaxed, and just excited to marry Nick. Nick, who is one of the most postitive people you could meet, was laughing and joking with no concern with if the ceremony happened inside or outside, just that it was going to happen.

    Nick & Rachel's ceremony ended up being perfect. Their friends and family gathered around them, as an accordion played and filled the air transporting everyone to some part of Europe (which is fitting since Nick & Rachel backpacked there).

    Their reception was full of laughing, dancing, good food and good beer (one being a brew that Rachel's dad made especially for their wedding). 

    At the end of the night I felt less like I was leaving a job site and more like I was saying goodbye to some good friends who I knew were setting off to enjoy their lives together exploring the world and growing their love.

    Here's a small taste of their wedding day.