• The day Matt asked Katelyn to be his wife. Nashville, TN.

    Over 8 years ago (can't believe it's been that long), I met a beautiful girl named Megan that would eventually become my beautiful wife. Anyone who has ventured on the journey of finding someone to marry has learned quickly that their spouse's family is likely to be very involved in their life, so you better like them.

    I lucked out big time with Megan's family. They are caring, supportive, loving, people. Not for a minute have ever felt like anything except a part of their family. But a double bonus is that Megan's two brothers are guys that I would count as friends. Her older brother Nathan and Matt are guys that I like to hang out with. They were both groomsmen in my wedding, Matt was my best man.

    So this gives you a tiny taste of the weight of importance that was tasked to me when I offered to photograph Matt proposing to his girlfriend Katelyn. 

    Matt has been beyond ready to ask Katelyn to be his wife for quite a while. But wanted to be smart and wait until they both had graduated from college to start their lives together. Which is definitely impressive considering how much constant pressure they each got from friends and family wanting to know when Matt was going to drop a knee and pop the question. 

    So when Matt began the process to propose to Katelyn, he had a lot of work cut out for him. Katelyn, who is an extremely talented fashion designer (and has been recognized from industry professionals in Nashville Fashion Week, you can see her website here), recieved a message from a woman who coordinated Nashville Fashion Week asking her to bring one of her pieces and to be prepared to be in a couple photos as well.

    Megan and I drove down to Nashville. We jumped right into helping Matt with his set up and also keeping Katelyn off the trail. Once the area was set up on top of the hill, Megan and I created a make shift blind to hide behind. 

    We lay in wait for Katelyn to make her way over the top of the hill. And then all of the sudden we hear someone yelling,


    She was completely shocked. As she made her way to Matt, he shared his dreams for them and then got down and asked her to be his wife. They then spent some time hugging, laughing, jumping (in response to how big the diamond is), and enjoying this incredible moment together.

    Megan and I were completely honored to be there and to lend a hand in anyway that we could. I hope these images helped share the story of a day in Nashville on a hill in a vineyard.