• Brady & Maggie got married in Independence, KS.

    I love capturing the personalities and connections people have. The things that make people laugh, cry, embrace. When I'm shooting a wedding I get to see how a couple shares a beautiful (and somtimes stressful) day committing to walk through every bit of life. The highs and the lows. The triumphs and the failures.

    Brady & Maggie had a beautiful ceremony, full of faith, love, prayer, and laughter. Their friends and families packed out the reception hall at the Booth Hotel, which was actually a back up plan because of their ceremony location getting rained out the day before. But you wouldn't have known that was the case.

    Neither of them carried the weight of stress or frustration over this. If anything, there was this wonderful feeling of togetherness during their ceremony. Where the men stood giving up their seats for the ladies. People sitting and standing all the way around the "altar" where they shared their vows to each other.

    It felt like family.

    Whether you were closely related to Brady & Maggie or not, you felt that this wasn't a crowd of people staring forward at two people, but instead that a constellation of family members, friends, and loved ones surrounded them with their support, love and prayers.

    I'm aware that this post is very very large. I think it's best to edit yourself and tell the story in a way that is as succint as possible. But their wedding resonated with me in a way that made it difficult to pull many of these images out. So brace yourself for a few minutes of scrolling.

    I have to thank Josh Klekamp for helping me out, some of these images are his. He did ridiculously good.