• Landon & Jacqui. Married. KC.

    Landon and Jacqui are the type of people everyone wants to be friends with. If you spend just a little bit of time with them you will spend all of it laughing. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing them can second this. And their wedding day was no different.

    Shooting a wedding for friends is always a pleasure because there's already a mutual comfort between me and the couple. We don't have to learn how to interact with each other or have them learn how to deal with me sticking a camera in their faces. For them it was natural and easy. Their whole day was that way. It flowed so effortlessly with constant joy.

    I am unbelievably happy that I got to witness their wedding, let alone photograph it. Because these are two people who I know without a shadow of a doubt that will be life-long friends. I am thrilled we will get to walk through the journey of life together.