• Tim & Courtney. Married. KC.

    Tim and Courtney's wedding was incredible from start to finish. All of the details and venues were spectacular. Which I have to give mad props to the ladies at Soiree Event Designs, who planned and prepared Tim and Courtney's wedding. Not only did they land one of the only Catholic churches I've ever shot in that was actually very flexible with their rules, but their reception was at the one-of-a-kind Foundation, with a cocktail hour in their speakeasy "The Ship". 

    But most of all it was so much fun to see Courtney and Tim be fairly reserved and nervous before the ceremony and then just let completely lose and enjoy themselves at the reception (I later found out that Courtney used to do Roller-Derby, which made a lot of sense once the party started!)

    All in all, it was an awesome day and I hope I was able to capture and reflect their love and joy.