• Paul and Casey. Married. KC.

    Let me start off by first saying that Paul and Crasey are great people. I had an incredible time working with them and enjoyed capturing their wedding. I have to thank my beautiful wife Megan, who works at The Gown Gallery. If it wasn't for her telling Casey about me I would have never had the pleasure of working with them.

    But I wanted to highlight something about their wedding day that I thought was so great. Casey throughout her wedding day was overwhemingly intentional. She did not leave anything to chance. She wasn't going to wait for a magical moment to happen, she was going to create them.

    She took aside her mom and shared with her how much she loved her and appreciated her. Then when her dad arrived she told him how much she loved him. This went on with every member of her family. She made sure to step aside and give them a couple minutes of her heart so that nothing went unsaid on her wedding day. I took this as a lesson that I will share with all of the couples I work with. Casey didn't leave anything to chance, she was purposeful and intentional and it made her day even more special.

    I am thrilled with their wedding photos and have to give mad props to Drew Woolery. A large number of these images are his (he hung out with Paul and the men before the wedding, as a reference point).

    Please enjoy a not-so-small sample of their photos.