• Aaron & Amanda. Married. KC.

    It's always awesome when I get to work with couples that I've never met before and get to enter into their worlds and learn about them and grow to become friends. But there's something special when I get to photograph people that I do know already and have a partial insight into the things that are important to them.

    Amanda and i went to high school together. Anyone who knows her would probably classify her as a funny and fun-loving person. She's the type of person that sees the bright side of any situation. Which is fortunate because the forecast for her wedding day was rain...all day. On the drive out there it was pouring rain, randomly throughout the morning it would stop and start again. Aaron, who was very excited about having the ceremony outdoors, was frequently checking the radar to see if there would be a break in the rain. There was a back up plan to move the ceremony into their reception location, but they wanted to have their ceremony on the gorgeous property of the Circle S Ranch. 

    About 20 minutes before the ceremony the rain had quit and the decision was made to go ahead and move forward with the original ceremony spot. Everyone moved into position and the music started. Aaron and Amanda's family came down the aisled followed by their bridal party. Then, only moments before Amanda was supposed to come down the aisle, you could hear the rain in the distance pattering on the leaves of the trees. I remember thinking "Oh man, not now". Then just as Amanda rounded the corner to turn down the aisle, the sound ended and there was no rain. 

    Aaron and Amanda's "we're doing this and we don't care what happens' attitude paid off and their ceremony was beautiful and dry.

    I also wanted to highlight one other part of the ceremony. Amanda and her Maid of Honor Erin were best friends with a girl named Rebecca. I had the pleasure of being friends with Rebecca as well. Almost 4 years ago Rebecca passed away. I still remember going to her wake and Amanda greeting me with a huge smile and reassuring everyone who came in about the type of person Rebecca was. A person just like Amanda, funny, fun-loving and filled with joy. Amanda placed a vase of flowers in her ceremony to stand as a memorial to the friend who should have been standing with her laughing and joking with her on her wedding day.

    I hope I did a small portion of justice to these amazing people and the experience of their wedding. 

    Thanks to Nate Howard, who is one half of The Shalom Imaginative, for shooting with me. Some of these images are from him, he is incredibly talented and I am grateful that he got to help me document Aaron & Amanda's day.