• Eric & Mary. Married. KC.

    Mary's wedding was the first time that I've ever seen a bride have to take scissors to her dress. Probably most bride's would consider this their worst nightmare. Her bussle tore and the only solution to having a dress that was managable for their reception was to cut if off.

    But Mary's response to this situation was a great representative of what her and Eric are like. They don't let stuff like this keep them from enjoying the real important moments of life. Her bridemaids kept asking "Are you sure?" She just kept repeating "Cut if off".

    When she stepped out into their reception you would have no idea, not only did they do a great job cutting it, but that it had no bearing on her enjoyment of her wedding reception.

    I loved getting to hang out with and photograph Eric and Mary's wedding day. I hope I did a small bit of justice in reflecting their love and their joy.