• Chris & Laura. Married. KC.

    Chris and Laura are amazing. My wife and I met Laura a few years ago in our community group and anyone who knows her would describe her as sweet, kind, caring, and unbelievably compassionate. And then I met Chris a few months back when they began planning their wedding. And Chris is the epitome of spontaneous and funny. 

    I love the dynamic of their relationship because even though Chris is quick witted and can make off-the-cuff jokes without a thought, when his attention is focused on Laura then the only word that can describe them is "tender". Every moment they shared alone throughout their wedding was incredibly tender and sweet. I would be taking photos of them and they would be whispering prayers and love to each other.

    I loved every bit of their wedding (which should be obvious cause this post is insanely long). Even waking up at the crack of dawn to capture them running a 5k on the morning of their wedding. I hope these photos do just a tiny bit of justice to how awesome they are and how great their wedding was.