• Ben & Kristen. Married. Lawrence, KS

    Ben and Kristen got married at The Oread in Lawrence. When I arrived in Lawrence it was raining really hard, which was particularly not good since their ceremony was taking place on a terrace on the top of the Oread. After they had their first look, we went around the KU campus to do some portraits.

    We hit a few spots and then we were gonna stop at the Library for one quick portrait outside of the Library. Ben randomly made a joke "Maybe we could get some in the Stacks!" I asked him what the "Stacks" were. He explained to me that it was the part of the Library where there were lots of rows of books stacked really high. And that it was generally known around campus as the place that students would make out.

    So of course...we went to the Stacks. And I am so excited about those images. But then we got another blessing afterword, the sun came out. Their ceremony was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. It was an incredible day and hopefully I could convey that in their photos.